Saturday, November 6, 2010

Look who's talking

I have posted this on my facebook  sometime back but I think I need to expand a little bit more. Lets say I asked you to picture a "Black Bird" and after sometime you have pictured the black bird I asked you to put it out of your head. More likely the more you focus on trying to put the picture of the "black bird" out of  your head, the easier it will be to pull it right back up.
 I have tried hard not to curse but to bless people even when they cut in front of me. I have 3 kids who are very quick and keen listeners for me and my wife. They correct us everyday when we use bad words. We asked the kiddos to not use words to curse but to bless. Sure enough they are on top of it. Stupid, idiot or sh.t head I used often or As.h.l.e.  Well, my youngest repeats after me calling someone stupid. I decided to change. I've decided that today I will not curse but bless. My focus was big on blessing people today even when they cut in front of me and slam on their brake and no one behind me. I did it! I did it! I finally went a day without cursing! yeah! Not really. 5 pm comes around and I was going to pick up a friend to babysit while we have parent teacher meeting and here I lost it. Under stress I lost it. I felt like a failure. I will try again tomorrow.
Maybe my focus was so much on the cursing but I was really not dealing with the core issue here. If I overcome by not cursing anymore I will face another issue like alcoholism. What I am saying is that the core issue is not dealt with. Realizing  the core issue and dealing with it will be the better way to go about handling the issue of cursing. It is like a bonfire omitting embers and we put out the little fires that the ember started but the bonfire still will shoot more embers out and we will continue to try and  put them out. To be able not to deal the embers anymore we have to put out the bonfire, then we can successfully put the little fires around it where the embers have kindled.
If you don't know what the core issue is you can simply ask God for He knows what you NEED to do in that particular moment. ASK and WAIT. OPEN your spiritual ears to hear God's voice. God is speaking to you and me....cause He loves us.........yu gat wan tingting?